Future AI Again Named One of the Top AI Companies to Watch

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–For the second year in a row, Future AI has been named one of the Top Artificial Intelligence Companies to Watch by AI Time Journal, one of the artificial intelligence industry’s top trade publications. 

Citing Future AI’s work in pioneering implementable solutions to artificial general intelligence (AGI), AI Time Journal noted, “A successful AGI would likely revolutionize not only AI research, but the world as we know it. Future AI is a company that anyone interested in the AI landscape should be paying close attention to over the coming years.”

The publication also praised Future AI’s two product offerings: Sallie, its prototype software and artificial entity which learns in real-time with vision, hearing, speaking, and mobility providing the ability to draw conclusions, a necessary component to ushering in AGI; and Brain Simulator II, a software platform that enables experimentation into diverse neuron-based AI algorithms to create an end-to-end AGI system with modules for vision, hearing, robotic control, learning, internal modeling, planning, imagination, and forethought.

The AI Time Journal listed Future AI directly after OpenAI, whose ChatGPT program recently moved AI toward more humanlike language interactions. AI Time Journal contributor Sasha Cadariu noted, however, that unlike OpenAI, Future AI’s implementation emulates true understanding without the vast training sets and computer horsepower needed by ChatGPT.

Cadariu explains, “Unlike other available generalist agents, Sallie uses mobile sensory pods to learn and interact with a real-world environment. Over time, Future AI believes that Sallie will be able to cultivate an understanding of complex cause-and-effect relationships, develop a meaningful comprehension of physical objects, and actively perceive the flow of time by employing its sensory capacity for vision, hearing, touch, and speech development. Sallie could be used across a variety of domains, most notably intelligent virtual assistants.”

Cadariu also hailed Brain Simulator II, noting “This free product is actually a toolkit that customers can use to build and customize their own generalist agents. The system has a remarkably simple user interface, coupled with impressive analytical capacity sustained by a spike neuron engine that can process up to 2.5 billion synapses per second.”

He concludes, “Companies [like Future AI] that choose to pioneer AGI, if they do so successfully, could create technologies that are as skilled and versatile as humans across virtually every conceivable industry.”

The 10 companies named to AI Time Journal’s list of Top Artificial Intelligence Companies to Watch “are pioneering the most innovative, novel, and useful AI-powered products,” according to the publication.

AI-powered technologies, solutions, and business models are now permeating almost every known industry, from healthcare and pharmaceuticals to finance, security, and military defense. Exponential technologies, especially those powered by AI, present a variety of new and exciting opportunities and products that individuals and enterprises can employ for their benefit.

Future AI has already raised $2 million in initial funding to accelerate the development of its technology and algorithms, including its Universal Knowledge Store (UKS) which aggregates different types of information and creates connections between them, similar to the cognitive processes of human intelligence. Modeled in neurons, the UKS has biological plausibility and the ability to learn and function unsupervised the way children do.

The company recently provided a grant to Temple University’s NARS (Non-Axiomatic Reasoning System) project – one of the most successful AGI systems currently available – whose features such as reasoning, learning, planning, perceiving, and temporal/procedural control will be merged into Future AI’s existing graph-based AGI architecture.

For more information about AI Time Journal’s Top Artificial Intelligence Companies to Watch, visit https://www.aitimejournal.com/artificial-intelligence-companies-to-watch. For more information about Future AI, visit https://FutureAI.guru.

About Future AI

Future AI is an award-winning, early-stage company developing Technologies that Think with revolutionary AI algorithms to create artificial general intelligence. Winner of an IT World “Startup of the Year in AI” award, Future AI’s technologies are designed to understand like humans and serve as the foundation for various real-world applications of AI including robotics, personal assistants, computer vision, language, self-driving vehicles, and more. For more information, visit https://futureai.guru