3 Baltimore-area Orgs Aim to Make HERstory Through skillCONNECT

T. Rowe Price, in partnership with Business Volunteers Maryland, is gearing up for its fifth skillCONNECT event on March 14.

Both the investment management giant and the nonprofit plan to bring 30 associate volunteers from T. Rowe Price’s offices across the US and UK to work with five nonprofits — including three based in Baltimore. The event, while closed to the public, is typically designed to support underrepresented voices and expand what T. Rowe Price has described as its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Tuesday’s event has a special focus on women’s empowerment, in reflection of March’s designation as Women’s History Month.

Rowe Price’s previous skillCONNECT scope-a-thons events have focused on such groups as BIPOC people, Latinx individuals, LGBTQIA communities and veterans, with each event highlighting the company’s professed support of DEI work.