Glen-Gery Launches Folio 2 Featuring The Most Inspiring New Brick Buildings In North America And Australia

Glen-Gery Corporation, a part of Brickworks North America, has announced the launch of Folio 2, a high-end publication featuring the most inspiring new brick buildings in North America and Australia. Following the popular first volume of Folio, Folio 2 is a source of inspiration and an invaluable reference tool for architects and designers alike. 

“Brick has long been a trusted material, used worldwide by architects who appreciate strength, versatility and sustainability in design. Due to its proven value to both traditional works and contemporary designs, we’ve seen brick increasingly become the building material of choice for many architects and designers,” said Tim Leese, director of marketing at Glen-Gery.Folio 2 is a thoughtfully curated collection of projects that show how architectural ideas – no matter how big or small – can be made real through the material. The publication not only celebrates the beauty of brick but also explores the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind the architectural process.” 

Folio 2 features highly visual photos and drawings detailing innovative designs and interviews with the architects and designers behind the designs. Projects, including single-family homes, university buildings and offices, show the endless design possibilities of brick. Each project uses brick manufactured by Glen-Gery or its sister company, Austral Bricks, in a variety of shapes, colors and textures, from conventional brick to custom-designed brick for unique implementations.

“The publication is a beautiful culmination of brick projects. Despite being in a digital era, we wanted to offer a fulfilling reading experience where architects and designers could physically flip through the pages, take their own notes, and truly connect to the exceptional projects within the publication,” said Leese.

Glen-Gery celebrated the launch of Folio 2 at Brick Design: Incorporating Unique Detailing in Architecture, an exclusive panel discussion featuring moderator Doug Patt and panelists Morris Adjmi of Morris Adjmi Architects; Steve Knight of David M. Schwarz Architects; Mateusz Nowacki of Everyday Studio; and Isaac-Daniel Astrachan of Stephen B. Jacobs Group Architects, on March 9, 2023 at the Brickworks New York Design Studio. The panelists, whose firms were featured in Folio 2, explored how unique designs are achieved through the utilization of brick.

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