Trip-planning Platform BACH Just Raised a $9M Series A Quickly After its Seed

Last spring, entrepreneur Mike Petris struck out to raise a seed round for his tech-enabled solution for a billions-and-growing industry: bachelorette parties.

The timing was right. BACH — a platform that allows users to share plans, run polls, create a shared itinerary, track and split expenses, and host a central group chat with all attendees of a bachelor or bachelorette trip — raised an $8 million seed round. The startup was picking up steam in 2022, as travel-related pandemic restrictions were lifted, and millions of pandemic-era weddings were rescheduled.

And the company just raised again, it announced Thursday. This time, it was a $9 million Series A, led by Pritzker Group Venture Capital with a follow-on investment from Corazon Capital, Freestyle VC and Oversubscribed Ventures. The raise was only a million more than its seed a year ago, following a trend of more conservative raises and down-rounds following a stellar year of fundraising between 2021 and 2022.