The Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami (MOCA) Announces Artists Selected for its 2023 “Art on the Plaza” Series

The Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami (MOCA) is excited to announce the artists selected for this season’s “Art on the Plaza” series: Edison Peñafiel, LIZN’BOW (Liz Ferrer and Bow Ty), Sterling Rook and Chris Friday. Beginning in March 2023, site-specific works from a different artist will be highlighted for three months at a time, engaging and connecting the community with their unique and inspiring works of art.

The season will kick off mid-March with Edison Peñafiel’s installation, “Run, Run, Run like the Wind.” This colorful display of nine banners will hang from the highest point of the palm trees throughout MOCA’s Plaza, showcasing characters on the run and accompanied by text taken from Latin American protest songs. Peñafiel’s work will highlight the act of escape during political turmoil, speaking to themes of human migration, displacement and social justice.

Following Peñafiel’s installation, LIZN’BOW (Liz Ferrer and Bow Ty)’s “El Mundo Es Magico,” Sterling Rook’s “Almost Home” and Chris Friday’s “Narcissist” will each offer their own captivating experience for visitors when they go on view throughout the season.

“We’re thrilled to present these four public art installations to the community as part of MOCA’s ‘Art on the Plaza’ series,” said Adeze Wilford, curator at MOCA North Miami. “Each artist has been selected for their unique style and thought-provoking approach, and we can’t wait for the community to see their inspiring installations.”

Chana Sheldon, MOCA North Miami’s executive director, underscored the importance of the “Art on the Plaza” series as a means to engage with the community. “The ‘Art on the Plaza’ series is an exciting opportunity for visitors and passersby to have access to experience art outside of the MOCA’s walls. Programs like this one, as well as ‘Welcome to Paradise,’ our new commissioning public art program in MOCA’s Paradise Courtyard, and exhibitions like the ‘South Florida Cultural Consortium’ that MOCA will host later this spring, reaffirm MOCA’s longtime commitment to creating space and highlighting the talented local artists from South Florida.”

  • Edison Peñafiel’s “Run, Run, Run like the Wind” goes on view from mid-March to late May 2023;
  • LIZN’BOW (Liz Ferrer and Bow Ty)’s “El Mundo Es Magico” June to late August 2023;
  • Sterling Rook’s “Almost Home,” September to November 2023 and;
  • Chris Friday’s “Narcissist” from late November 2023 to late February 2024.

Since 2021, MOCA’s “Art on the Plaza” series, presented with major support from the North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency (NMCRA), provides an opportunity for artists to create and showcase temporary public art installations on MOCA’s Plaza. The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts has also provided additional support for this series.


Art on the Plaza is presented by MOCA, with major support from the North Miami Community Redevelopment Agency (NMCRA). Additional support was provided by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

About the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami

MOCA North Miami presents contemporary art and its historical influences through exhibitions, educational programs, and collections. Inspired by its surrounding communities, MOCA connects diverse audiences and cultures by providing a welcoming place to encounter new ideas and voices and nurturing a lifelong love of the arts. MOCA developed from the Center of Contemporary Art which was inaugurated in 1981. The establishment of the permanent collection coincided with the institution’s move into their current building designed by Charles Gwathmey of GSNY in 1996.