How Clinicians on the Front Lines of Patient Care are Developing Life-saving Digital Healthcare Solutions

Working in the pediatric ER at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Therese L. Canares found herself treating too many kids who weren’t very sick.

“They present with coughs, colds and sore throats that could easily be treated less expensively at urgent care or their pediatrician’s office,” said Canares, whose titles include “director of pediatric emergency medicine digital health innovation” and “assistant professor of pediatrics.”

According to Canares, the pandemic posed overwhelming new challenges for parents with sick children, from uncertainty about the severity of their condition to lost time and wages sitting in waiting rooms. Witnessing the struggle firsthand, Canares had an idea. She ultimately created CurieDx, a mobile, AI-driven medical diagnostics app that detects common childhood illnesses like strep throat from the comfort of a family’s own home.