Meet the College-age Entrepreneurs in the Latest Innovators of Progress Cohort

Markus Proctor established the Innovators of Progress pre-accelerator program to fill a gap he saw in Maryland’s entrepreneurship ecosystem — a world he thought did not cater to young adults enrolled in post-secondary education programs who aspire to become entrepreneurs.

Growing out of an idea the DC-area resident first solidified in late 2019, Innovators of Progres focuses on applicants in areas such as science, technology, engineering and healthcare who wish to make a positive impact. Proctor’s objective was to provide a supportive platform for this specific group of individuals who were not adequately served by existing entrepreneurship pipelines before the pandemic. This “self-funded” program also aims to build a talent pipeline that transitions students into full-time founders of technology-enabled ventures. Innovators of Progress relies on a rigorous application process to select the most promising student fellows.