Cedars Preschool Acquires Flintstone Pre-K & Child Care Center

Cedars Preschool announced the acquisition of Flintstone Pre-K & Child Care Center, Inc. This will make the 11th Cedars Preschool location in Georgia – Cedars Preschool at Flintstone.

Based in the greater Atlanta region, Georgia, Cedars operates preschools providing families with an education-focused and industry-leading environment for early education services. Since its founding, Cedars has demonstrated excellence in its program offerings, curriculum, and facilities, evidenced by its Quality Rated Child Care designations by the State of Georgia. Cedars operates 10 schools in the greater Atlanta region, and their parent company O2B Early Education, operates a total of 13 total.

“We are excited to continue expanding our footprint in Georgia by adding Cedars Preschool at Flintstone to our Cedars family,” said O2B Early Education CEO Andy Sherrard.

At Cedars Preschool we are passionate about Early Childhood Education and ensuring that our families feel at home and welcomed in our school. Cedars Preschool serves Infants, Toddlers, Pre-K, and After-School aged children. Our experienced teachers will promote independence and build self confidence in a safe and nurturing learning environment. Your child will learn more than letters and numbers. We teach them to think. We’re building the base for a thinking brain, and we love it!

About Cedars Preschool and O2B Early Education:

O2B Early Education is the parent company of Cedars Preschool. O2B Early Education is a rapidly growing company focused on providing high-quality care and early education to children from infancy through school ages, and has 48 locations across MinnesotaFlorida and Georgia with more on the way! Under the O2B Early Education brand are O2B Kids, Cedars Preschool, Children of Tomorrow, The Child Center, and FD Education. The company, founded in 1998, has provided excellent care and programs for children as young as newborns, all the way through school-age. The company, as a whole, is committed to providing a strong foundation of comprehensive early-education to children and creating a positive impact in their community.

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