Maryland Has Been Named One Of The Most Female Friendly State To Work In – With A Gender Wage Gap Of 11.80%

Ahead of International Women’s Day, Lensa has revealed the states that are closing the gender wage gap. The research analysed all 50 US states based on median earnings for men and women, revealing the states with the highest and lowest gender pay gaps.

View the research in full here:

The states with the most equal pay:

Vermont is the state with the smallest gender pay gap of 8.98%, making it the best place in the country for equal pay. Here, the median male earnings stand at $51,241, while the median earnings for women are $46,641, a real-terms gap of $4,600. While this is the lowest gap in the country it still represents a substantial difference in the pay that men and women receive.

Maryland has the second smallest gender pay gap in the United States at 11.80%. Male workers in this East Coast state receive median earnings of $64,334, while their female counterparts receive $56,740.

Female workers in California earn a median annual salary of $50,313, while male workers take home $57,475, a difference of $7,162. California is a hotbed of innovation, technology, and entertainment, generating huge numbers of jobs and attracting workers from all over the world. With a reputation as a more progressive state, women in California can expect to receive much better pay than in other parts of the country.

The states with the largest gender gap:

The state with the biggest gender pay gap in the country is Wyoming, where it stands at a huge 36.62%. Here, the median earnings for a male worker are $59,196, whereas a female worker could expect to take home just $37,520, a difference of $21,676.Utah has the second-highest gender pay gap at 30.23%. Male workers in Utah take home a median salary of $57,247 while women take home a median pay of $39,944, leaving a gap of $17,303.

The third largest gender pay gap of 28.72% can be found in Louisiana, making it one of the worst locations for unequal pay. Here, the median earnings for women are $37,050, while median earnings for men stand at $51,976, which is a difference of $14,926.

Further findings:

  • Romania is the country with the smallest gender pay gap at just 0.88%, making the country a great place for women in the workplace.

  • South Korea has the largest pay gap of all the OECD nations at 31.06%. Such uneven distribution of pay is likely rooted in the country’s traditional attitudes towards the roles that people play in society.

You can view the full research here, and I have added a dropbox link with all the relevant images here.