VitalXP Raises Additional $3M in Pre-Seed Funding

VitalXP, a Woodland Hills, CA-based provider of an action-packed gameverse platform, raised additional $3M in funding.

The round was led by Streamlined Ventures and Marbruck Investments.

The company intends to use the funds to finalize production of the first episode of the game, due to launch on PC by late 2023.

Founded in 2019, VitalXP is a provider of a game verse platform. Its flagship sci-fi fantasy and crime IP, Lowlife Forms, is an evolutive and modular shooter set in a humorous science-fantasy world filled with alien smugglers, droid bounty hunters, mercs, cons and psycho crime lords.

While most of the game platform lives off-chain, key game assets will be minted and stored on the Solana blockchain as NFTs. The initial drop, planned for March 9, 2023 on Magic Eden, will feature the first set playable characters selling for 4.4 Sol each, and will be followed by quarterly drops of additional collections that will help players customize the game even further. VitalXP views Lowlife Forms as a multi-chain project and will also offer future drops on Solana, Ethereum and other blockchains in the future.