New DC Startup Surgo Health is Using Data to Help Reach Healthcare Patients

Like the old “If a tree falls in the forest” adage, in this age of tremendous healthcare advancement, there’s a question providers need to ask: If a treatment isn’t reaching patients, how good is it, really?

That’s a question Surgo Health founder (and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation alum) Sema Sgaier wanted to answer. After two decades of working in healthcare, she observed a disconnect between patients and healthcare treatments. Whether attributable to cost, outreach failure, a general distrust of the medical system or something else, patients were not jumping at these advancements in a way that was expected.

“Having done that for about 10-plus years, one of the biggest realizations to me was that we’re putting a lot of investment into developing these amazing technologies,” Sgaier told “But at the end of the day, people are not taking it. They’re not taking the drugs, they’re not taking the vaccines or therapeutics in the way we would have expected.”