Mr. Trash Wheel’s Order Of The Wheel “Recruitment” Reopens After Three Years

Waterfront Partnership’s Healthy Harbor Initiative announced today the return of Mr. Trash Wheel’s Order of the Wheel, a not-so-secret society that encourages members to take grassroots environmental action around trash pollution.   

Inspired by Mr. Trash Wheel fans and their dedication to a trash-free harbor, Order of the Wheel is recruiting new members for the first time in three years. Those interested in participating can learn more here. To be inducted into the Order of the Wheel, applicants will need to complete a community cleanup challenge and submit proof to Mr. Trash Wheel.    

“We wanted to create a club for people who love the trash wheels and the environment,” said Adam Lindquist, vice president of the Healthy Harbor Initiative. “In the past, when we ask people to pick up litter maybe a couple of people did it, but when we asked them to join a secret society and pick up litter, we engaged thousands!”   

New this year, Mr. Trash Wheel will challenge applicants to host cleanups in their communities, or at a favorite park, stream, or waterfront. Applicants must send photo evidence to Mr. Trash Wheel, who will review all submissions and award points for the number of participants, amount of trash collected and level of creativity. Mr. Trash Wheel will award higher ranks within the Order of the Wheel to those who exceed expectations.   

As a final step in the recruitment process, applicants will be sorted into one of four Trash Wheel “houses,” Turtleroar, Rattypaw, Otterfluff and Snekerin, and those who are inducted as Order of the Wheel members will receive: 

·         A secret code name 

·         Certificate from Mr. Trash Wheel 

·         Knowledge of the secret handshake 

·         Membership pin 

·         Members-only communications from Mr. Trash Wheel  

·         Order of the Wheel induction instructions  

All are welcome and encouraged to participate by visiting this link. Tasks must be completed by midnight on Sunday, April 16, to become a member. Past members are encouraged to return and help to recruit new members.   

The recruitment process will culminate at Mr. Trash Wheel’s Earth Day Birthday party on April 22, 2023, from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Pierce’s Park in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor where new members will be recognized and celebrated for their cleanup efforts. More information about the party, which is open to the public, is available at   

The Healthy Harbor initiative provides a roadmap for cleaning up Baltimore’s Harbor and the waterways leading to the Harbor. A clean Harbor and clean streams will provide opportunities for residents and area families to enjoy clean water in their neighborhoods. Greener and cleaner neighborhoods will make Baltimore City and Baltimore County more livable for all our citizens. For more information, visit   

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