Syntax Merge with Locus Analytics

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Syntax LLC (, a leading provider of innovative financial data and technologies, is pleased to announce its merger with sister company, Locus Analytics, LLC. As a result of the merger, Syntax will integrate Locus’s personnel and intellectual property, including more than 20 issued U.S. patents and trademarks. The addition of Locus will help Syntax to advance its growth strategy and drive innovation, increasing its existing product research and development capabilities. 

Locus was established in 2009 by Syntax’s founder, Rory Riggs, as an economic research firm to pioneer the use of Systems Economics and to develop and patent its Functional Information System (FIS®), which is used by Syntax and Locus to organize business and economic data. Systems approaches and syntactic tagging systems like FIS are now a basis for classification in virtually every science. Where Syntax developed the Affinity® database of public companies tagged with FIS coordinates, Locus has focused on developing tools to apply FIS to the larger and more complex private company dataset. This merger enables Syntax to develop a unified database of public and private companies tagged with Locus’ multi-attribute FIS classification system.

“When evaluating our product roadmap and speaking with clients, it is clear that investment managers want to view private company data through the same lenses and in the same database as their public company investments,” said Chief Executive Officer and President, Patrick Shaddow. “Locus’s private company FIS classification database will be an integral solution for investors on Syntax’s Affinity platform. The merger of Syntax and Locus is an example of our strategic plans for becoming the financial and economic data company of the future.”

“We are delighted to be joining forces with Locus,” said Jonathan Chandler, Chief Operating Officer. “We expect to catalyze our efforts to reimagine and disrupt the way that investors evaluate companies and analyze their portfolios. The application of FIS technology to public markets was just a start. Adding private companies to the mix will be a game changer and expand Syntax’s capabilities to solve problems for our clients.”

About Syntax

Syntax is a financial data and technology company that has pioneered a proprietary systems-based approach to business classification, index construction, portfolio analysis, ESG and SDG measurement and other investment applications. Its patented Functional Information System (FIS®) platform goes beyond traditional sector and industry classification and employs a systems approach to organize and link public and private companies using FIS’ standardized multi-attribute system. Clients can understand a company’s business characteristics and product lines to evaluate its risk and reward profile with pinpoint accuracy through Syntax’s FIS-based Affinity® platform. Syntax’s mission is to power economic analysis using systems processing and enable investors to make better decisions. Learn more at