DC’s Enquire.AI Just Launched a ChatGPT-based Intelligence Tool

Ushering in the new ChatGPT craze, Dupont startup Enquire AI (formerly GlobalWonks) is launching a new AI tool for business intelligence.

Enquire AI’s software is already centered around the idea of an AI “copilot” for research. Customers can log onto the platform, ask a question about business intelligence and be connected to experts around the world who can answer. The software uses AI to connect users to the most relevant expert, who will then provide a brief written answer (a process that usually takes about 10 minutes, according to CEO and cofounder Cenk Sidar) and be available to offer a more in-depth response in a call. Now, users can get an immediate answer generated by AI, which integrates OpenAI’s GPT-3 tech. Known as Ayda, users can submit a question and get an immediate, AI-generated answer from GPT.

Enquire AI is no stranger to making moves centered around the future of the internet. Last March, the company bought a few parcels of virtual land in the Sandbox metaverse to host virtual meetings. This, too, was incorporated into its data offerings: Users could opt to have follow-up meetings for their questions in the metaverse.