Nirvana Water Sciences Appoints Leila Khoury as Chief Marketing Officer

Nirvana Water Sciences Corp., a pioneering wellness company at the cutting edge of functional beverage innovation, is pleased to announce that beverage marketing leader Leila Khoury has joined the company as its Chief Marketing Officer.

With two decades of experience in marketing, business development, strategic planning and operations leadership, Khoury is a proven trailblazer. She was most recently at Mad Tasty, where she was the Vice-President of Marketing. Prior to that, she was responsible for business development at First Bev Ventures, a private equity firm focused exclusively on the beverage industry where she worked with some of the most notable emerging beverage brands in the world.

In this new role, Khoury will be an integral part of the executive team, leveraging her extensive experience building brands to spearhead marketing as Nirvana ramps up its plans for rapid expansion.

“Leila joins us at a milestone moment for Nirvana and brings the right combination of experience and expertise to position Nirvana for success in 2023 and beyond,” said CEO David Vanderveen. “Leila performed her due diligence on hundreds of beverage companies while working in the private equity sector at First Bev. That she chose to bring her talent and experience to Nirvana underscores our conviction that exponential growth of Nirvana is on the horizon.”

Khoury has plunged into her new role headfirst, currently leading a supercharged rebranding effort, and the launch of a new series of awesome-for-you products with unique ingredients that help people live longer, stronger and more active lives.

“I am thrilled with the opportunity to bring awareness to Nirvana’s science-backed hero ingredient, HMB (βeta-hydroxy βeta-methylbutyrate), and delight consumers with our expanding portfolio of delicious beverages that will truly help transform their bodies and their lives,” says Khoury. “It is a privilege to be a part of a revolutionary wellness company that can have that kind of impact.”

About Nirvana Water Sciences Corp.

Nirvana is an innovative wellness company that helps people transform their bodies at a cellular level and live stronger, longer and active lives. Our core line of products consists of lightly-flavored pure mountain spring waters, seltzers, shots and supplements infused with science-backed ingredients, including the unique super-ingredient, myHMB® Clear, a water-soluble form of HMB (βeta-hydroxy βeta-methylbutyrate).

The multi-patented myHMB® Clear formulation, developed by Naji Abumrad, MD, FACS, is the next generation of HMB. In this powerful liquid delivery form, HMB is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, allowing greater utilization by tissues to maximize benefits than in the powdered form. HMB has been studied extensively by scientists, physicians and leaders in the medical field for over three decades, and is clinically proven to maximize protein synthesis the body needs to reduce muscle soreness, boost muscle recovery time, and support lean muscle mass production.

Nirvana’s line of HMB infused spring water is the go-to wellness beverage of elite athletes, weekend warriors, yoga enthusiasts and wellness advocates.

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