Armada ETF Advisors and Arialgo to Merge

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Armada ETF Advisors, a REIT-specialized asset manager, and Arialgo Ltd, a REIT-specialized Machine Learning data analytics company, jointly announce plans to merge companies to deliver leading technology-driven solutions to REIT investors. 

Phil Bak from the Armada team will serve as CEO of the joint entity. Arialgo’s Roni Appel and Assaf Zeevi will serve as COO and CSO, respectively. REIT industry veterans Al Otero and David Auerbach will serve as Managing Directors.

“Our goal is to build the leading REIT-focused asset management firm. To accomplish this, we must have the deepest possible understanding of REIT valuations, their drivers and their cycles. Arialgo has built machine learning models that accomplish just that, putting us and our clients years ahead of anyone else in the industry,” said Phil Bak.

“The market for data science-driven solutions in the REIT sector is underserved. There is a growing need for advanced platforms and products which provide better transparency and improved portfolio outcomes for REIT investors,” said Roni Appel, CEO of Arialgo. “Armada ETF Advisors is the perfect partner to deliver the benefits of our sophisticated and holistic platform to the global REIT market through a broad range of smart investment products.”

Arialgo’s machine learning REIT valuation models were developed by Roni Appel and Assaf Zeevi, Professor and holder of the Kravis chair at the Graduate School of Business and member of the Data Science Institute, Columbia University. Professor Zeevi is recognized for his thought leadership in the areas of machine learning and data science.

Armada ETF Advisors launched its flagship ETF, the Residential REIT Income ETF (Ticker: HAUS) in 2022.

The combined entity will be supported by a high-profile, sector-specific Advisory Board and board members with extensive experience across the residential housing market, publicly-traded REITs and ETFs. Members include Armada Founder and Chairman, Justin Goldberg, Principal of Navarino Property; Christopher H. Volk, Founder and former CEO of STORE Capital Corporation; Richard Adler, Founder and former Senior Advisor at Ell Capital Management, Inc.; John W. Guinee III., former Managing Director at Stifel, Nicolaus & Co., Inc; Robert Ivanhoe, Vice Chair of Greenberg Traurig, LLP, Senior Chairman of the Global Real Estate Practice, and Co-Chair of the REIT Practice; Prof. Scott Robinson, a Professor of Finance at the Schack Institute of Real Estate; and David Z. Hirsh, former Managing Director at Blackstone.

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About Armada ETF Advisors

Armada ETF Advisors is a REIT-specialized asset manager dedicated to providing modern differentiated products to REIT investors. Armada offers exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and separately managed accounts (SMAs) to investors, through products that utilize their proprietary analysis and insights into the real estate market and economic trends.

About Arialgo Ltd

Arialgo Ltd, a Next Generation REIT Asset Manager was founded with the mission of bringing a world leading asset management technology to the $1.5 trillion REIT market through economics-backed machine learning. Arialgo believes that generating superior returns can result from having access to proprietary information which other market participants do not have access to, and Arialgo’s vision is to continuously generate such proprietary information and convert it into superior performance for its clients. Arialgo developed the REIT Portfolio Manager, a state-of-the-art asset management system tracks, analyses, rates and ranks REITs, constructs REIT Indexes, and manages a REIT portfolio to match that index. The system consists of a set of advanced REIT following indicators and engineered machine learning features which have predictive power for investment returns and which also identify whether a public REIT security is undervalued or overpriced relative to its fair value taking into account critical pricing and fundamental indicators.