Marcus Hutchins Joins Cybrary

COLLEGE PARK, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cybrary, the leading training platform for cybersecurity professionals, today announced that cybersecurity researcher Marcus Hutchins has been appointed as the first Cybrary Fellow. Hutchins is renowned for stopping the global WannaCry ransomware attack.

As a Cybrary Fellow, Hutchins will collaborate with various teams and work cross-functionally to foster engagement with Cybrary’s community of over 3 million learners through spearheading training events and mentoring opportunities, advising on training content strategy, and co-creating new hands-on learning activities such as virtual labs and pathways.

Hutchins shares Cybrary’s passion for ensuring cybersecurity training is affordable and accessible, making his appointment a natural fit. In this role, he is well-positioned to impact Cybrary’s mission to equip cybersecurity professionals with the skills they need to get hired and effectively defend against threats.

“When I started out in cybersecurity, high-quality training resources were few and far between. My peers and I often found ourselves making do with a mismatch of random blog posts and forum discussions. Since then, I’ve always strived to create the resources I wish I had access to back then,” Hutchins said.

“Access to education is imperative for those looking to start a career in cybersecurity. It’s simply impossible to fill a growing number of vacant roles without exponentially reducing the level of friction in obtaining knowledge. And even then, if someone wishes to take the foundational knowledge they’ve managed to gain and specialize in a specific subfield, it’s not always going to be advantageous for them to spend four years obtaining a general cybersecurity degree.

“I’m a strong believer in expanding access to these foundational training resources and increasing the accessibility of the domain-specific material that is required to help people find their place in our industry. It’s an honor to join Cybrary as a Fellow to help make that a reality and work together toward a greater good,” Hutchins added.

Cybrary CEO Kevin Hanes said: “Marcus is a talented and accomplished cybersecurity researcher, and we are deeply honored to announce him as a Cybrary Fellow. He will help us provide foundational cybersecurity training to all who are motivated to take up this important work, and bring to the workforce the cybersecurity talent that’s needed now more than ever.”

This announcement follows Cybrary’s recent Cybrary Free Access launch, an offering that features more than 500 hours of material designed to help users break into the cybersecurity industry and advance toward their career goals. Visit Cybrary’s recent blog post to learn more about Cybrary Free Access and Cybrary’s commitment to solving the cybersecurity skills shortage.

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