Sending Labs Raises $12.5M in Seed Funding

Sending Labs, an Austin, TX-based provider of a Web3 communications stack, raised $12.5M in Seed funding.

The round was led by Insignia Venture Partners, MindWorks Capital, and Signum Capital with participation from K3 Ventures, Lingfeng Innovation Fund, UpHonest Capital and Aipollo Investment.

Co-founded by CEO Joe Yu and Mason Yang, Sending Labs is launching the public beta of:

  • SendingNetwork: A developer-focused SDK that assists teams in crafting secure, fully decentralized Dapps with rich social integrations. Builders can add in-app/cross-app chats, notifications, wallet or Decentralized ID (DID) logins, NFT/token-based transacting, and management features seamlessly on a unified platform.
  • SendingMe: An encrypted decentralized group chat platform fostering ground-level, user-friendly Web3 growth. Users, creators, community managers, and key opinion leaders can connect socially, securely transact, or reward their friends and audiences. Through smart contract-powered payments, trading protocols, and premium services, creators can monetize projects through P2P swaps, community marketplaces, crowdfunding, airdrops, gifting, auctioning, and token-gated membership.

Both platforms possess a comprehensive toolkit for community management and enhanced social features. Users retain full control of their identification, data, and assets while communities gain full autonomy on interaction, engagement, and rewards.