The Advice Early-stage Founders Should Hear in An Economic Downturn

It’s tough enough to be an early-stage founder trying to find your footing in the marketplace, hire your first employees and pitch your first investors — without a possible recession looming.

And though it’s not a foregone conclusion that we’re in one, we’re in more of an economic downturn than this time last year, experts say. The cost of doing business is up, wages cost the most they ever have and inflation is hitting 40-year highs. Customers might be choosier about how they’re spending their money, and investors on average aren’t writing checks as big as they have in past years.

So what’s a startup founder to do? reached out to some entrepreneurs and biz experts in our network for the best advice they’d give to early-stage founders right now. We heard tips about keeping your eye on your runway, staying transparent with your team, cutting costs on things like conferences and tech upgrades, and getting face time with your biggest customers.