Your Annual Klein News Innovation Camp is Back IRL this Saturday, Jan. 28

This Saturday, Jan. 28, the annual Klein News Innovation Camp returns to Temple University’s Annenberg Hall for a day of learning, networking and professional development.

This is’s 14th annual journalism unconference, and the first we’ve held in person since 2019. The last couple of years have been tough, but we have found a way to keep in touch. Last fall, we kept the flame alive with a pandemic-friendly campfire storytelling meetup. The year before we went all virtual. Now, we are getting the band back together to return with an in-person bonanza focused on the future of news sharing.

We’ve lined up a few thought-provoking sessions for the day — early session ideas include “Lessons from non-extractive reporting,” “Sponsored content that isn’t lame” and “How AI-powered writing doesn’t have to scare you” — but in proper unconference fashion, the journalism community will have a chance to contribute to the agenda.