The GSA and Cisco Teamed Up To Launch a Coworking Space for Federal Employees

Today, the General Services Administration (GSA) and cloud cyber giant Cisco together announced the creation of a new hybrid workspace option for government employees.

The pair just unveiled the GSA’s new Workplace Innovation Lab, a coworking space for federal government workers. A statement called the new lab, located at the GSA HQ near The White House, is a “testbed for future of work technologies” to address current workplace challenges for federal employees like security. Cisco said the space will be technologically secure according to federal standards, which regular coworking spaces are not.

The 25,000-square-foot facility features conference rooms, shared collab space and offices in six suites. Employees can use the coworking space in slots ranging from a single hour to several weeks while visitors can request tours and use the space as well. Alongside Cisco, the GSA partnered with Allsteel, Haworth/Price Modern, Miller-Knoll, Kimball International and Swiftspace/VOE to launch the Workplace Innovation Lab.