Crux Raises $50M in Funding

Crux, a San Francisco, CA-based end-to-end data integration, transformation, and observability solution, raised $50M in additional previously unannounced venture funding.

The round was led by Two Sigma and Goldman Sachs Asset Management for a total of $157M raised to date.

Two Sigma, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Crux is a cloud-based data integration and operations solution that accelerates the value realization between external and internal data. The company builds data pipelines at scale and operates over 50K pre-engineered pipelines, delivering public and third-party datasets to the destination of choice. Crux pipelines come with embedded data monitoring, validations, and transformations, and are supported 24×7 by its global operations team.

Crux’s approach to external data has been recognized by over 260 data providers–including FactSet, MCSI, and Morningstar– as well as public cloud marketplaces including Google and AWS, and adoption by several of the largest and most discerning data consumers including AllianceBernstein, Capital Group, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, and Two Sigma.