ReSight Global Acquires PeepalDesign

ReSight Global, a Chicago, IL-based employee-owned UX research and design organization, acquired a controlling interest in PeepalDesign, a Bangalore, India-based UX research and design agency.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

Founded in 2010 and led by Durga Prasad, CEO, PeepalDesign is a UX research and design agency that helps clients to uncover insights that provide understanding of people and their use of technology. They translate these insights into engaging experiences and have become the go-to experts for designing enterprise-scale experiences. The company also has a satellite office in Pune, and remote teams in Mumbai and Delhi.

With the acquisition, ReSight Global expands its global footprint to nine key markets with with over 65 full-time UX researchers and designers. The deal includes access to 220 UX experts around the globe, with offices in Tokyo, Shanghai, Chicago, London, Basel, Hamburg, Munich, Bangalore, and Pune.

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About ReSight Global

ReSight Global is a family of employee-owned UX and human factors agencies in the US and UK (Bold Insight), Japan(Uism), China (XplusX), Germany and Switzerland (uintent), and now India (PeepalDesign).