Deal Box Launches Venture Arm to Invest $125M in Web 3 Technologies

Deal Box, a Carlsbad, CA-based capital markets advisory and secure token offering packaging platform, launched a venture arm that will invest $125M in startups that leverage foundational Web 3 technologies within five key fund areas.

As the financial markets rapidly evolve and transform to include the tokenization of securities, Deal Box has become one of the first vertically integrated digital securities issuance and investment platforms. Its investment arm, Deal Box Ventures, will focus on strategic investments that unlock the full potential of this technology and new ways in which blockchain products will impact and reshape people’s everyday lives. it focuses on key markets including Emerging Growth, Real Estate, FinTech, FunTech and Social Impact.

As part of its Web 3 investment thesis, Deal Box has completed initial strategic investments in Total Network Services, Rypplzz and Forward-Edge AI, all of which are focused on introducing a standard-first approach to solving the problem of device identity.