GiantLeap Capital Invests in Membrion

GiantLeap Capital, a tech-focused private investment firm focused on partnering with companies developing technologies that are transforming critical industries, today announced that it has invested in a Series B funding of Membrion, a water technology company focused on the commercialization of ceramic desalination membranes.

Membrion develops and manufactures next-generation ceramic desalination membranes that can recover up to 98% of water in the harshest conditions.  Membrion’s flexible, ceramic ion exchange membranes open up endless opportunities for cost-efficient water recovery, allowing manufacturers across a number of critical industries to recycle water more sustainably.  Membrion’s customers include leading global companies in energy, semiconductor, transportation, and food & beverage industries.

“We are keenly focused on environmental technologies that can make a meaningful environmental and economic impact across many critical industries.  Membrion’s ceramic membranes provide efficiencies and the flexibility that are applicable across multiple critical industries along with a business model that can scale and grow,” said Himanshu Sekhar, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at GiantLeap.  “I look forward to joining Membrion’s Board and helping the company grow through GiantLeap’s proprietary value creation programs and industry relationships.”

“We are excited to have GiantLeap Capital as a valuable financial and strategic partner as we lay the foundation for our next stage of growth.  Membrion has a strong and growing number of Fortune 500 companies as customers who are seeing substantial ROI and environmental benefits using our technology,” said Membrion’s CEO, Greg Newbloom. “GiantLeap’s strategic and operational resources will strengthen our partnerships and our world-class team, positioning us for even greater expansion. I look forward to leveraging GiantLeap’s extensive private and public company networks and their proprietary value creation and ESG programs as we continue to grow.”

“Impact and climate investing are key areas of focus for GiantLeap.   We view water infrastructure as one of the most critical areas where technological innovation can have a tremendous economic and social impact.  The Membrion team has built a business with an strong value proposition in the water-tech sector,” said Samir Parikh, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at GiantLeap. “We look forward to working with PureTerra and Membrion as the company continues to expand their mission-critical technology in this increasingly important ESG segment.”

About GiantLeap Capital

GiantLeap Capital is a recently launched tech-focused, structured growth equity platform. GiantLeap Capital is focused on leveraging emerging technologies to rapidly scale companies providing mission-critical products and services. The firm takes a long-term, thematic approach to provide value-oriented, flexible capital focused on private markets and opportunistic special situations. For more information, visit

About Membrion

Membrion manufactures ceramic desalination membranes that can recover up to 98% of water in the harshest conditions. Membrion’s flexible, ceramic ion exchange membranes generate endless possibilities for water recovery, allowing manufacturers to recycle water at previously inaccessible pH ranges and with challenging trace chemicals. The membranes that Membrion creates are low fouling, require less cleaning, are oxidizer resistant, have ultra-low pH stability, and are economical. For more information, visit