Soteria Battery Innovation Group Acquires Voltaplex

Soteria Battery Innovation Group has acquired the assets of Voltaplex ( which it will use to form the core of a battery material, cell and pack distribution division while expanding their international presence.

Voltaplex has a rich history serving niche users of 18650 cells and packs, with the capability to design cylindrical cell packs for any small device application. Capabilities include distribution of 18650 lithium-ion batteries, made by Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Sony, and others, as well as design and distribution of custom battery packs to small device OEMs.

“Bringing together the power and technology of the Soteria BIG Consortium with the capabilities of Voltaplex, we’ll be able to help elevate the level of safety in the battery-operated small-device industry while addressing critical areas such as micromobility, wearables and other devices,” said Brian Morin, CEO of Soteria Battery Innovation Group. Soteria will reorient the focus of these businesses on battery safety, both by partnering with cell manufacturers of intrinsically safer lithium-ion batteries, and by building pack-level safety into the design. Soteria is actively searching for companies who bring aspects of these capabilities to partner with their design and distribution business. Please contact Haley Thompson at to initiate discussions.

“We are pleased to partner with Soteria and believe that together we can take our businesses to the next level. By combining our capabilities with new resources and relationships, we can serve the battery industry in ways neither of us could do alone,” said Anton Doos, Founder of Voltaplex LLC. 

The new distribution business aims to help resolve inefficiencies in the supply chain and accelerate the commercialization of safe battery technology, without restricting the use of the technology. Every design, technology, and new safety implementation will be available for other cell and pack manufacturers to license under Soteria’s global, non-exclusive license, which bears only a nominal royalty back to the company. Access to these, and to all work done by Soteria, can be attained by joining the global Soteria Battery Innovation Group consortium. Please contact Amy Brinson at for more information.

About Soteria Battery Innovation Group, Inc.

Soteria Battery Innovation Group Inc is an advanced technology development and licensing company that formed a consortium to promote battery safety technologies. Soteria’s patented technology addresses the root cause of thermal runaway, while the consortium enables broad access to innovative technologies. Soteria was founded in 2017 by Brian Morin and is headquartered in Greenville, SC. For more information, please visit

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About Voltaplex

Voltaplex provides cutting-edge total lithium-ion energy solutions. Voltaplex’s mission is to foster the clean energy revolution by creating the most efficient marketplace in the world for lithium-ion cells and packs. Voltaplex enables the simplistic integration of new and existing devices with low-cost lithium-ion technology.