With New State Reps, Pennsylvania’s Emerging Tech Caucus is Ready to Grow in 2023

It’s been a year and a half since State Rep. Napoleon Nelson introduced the bipartisan Emerging Technologies Caucus in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, and since, new faces and initiatives have been brought to the table to advance PA’s tech rep.

With a session under the group’s belt, and incoming members of the state House being sworn in this month, Nelson, a Democrat from the 154th District in Greater Philadelphia’s Montgomery County, is optimistic about the topics the caucus will be able to tackle.

Nelson introduced the caucus in 2021. The legislator had a background in technology — degrees in computer science from MIT and finance from the Wharton School — and an interest in how blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and cybersecurity will shape the lives of Pennsylvanians. The aim of the caucus is to provide reasonable regulations and transparency around these emerging technologies that will protect state residents, while still attracting and retaining entrepreneurs to set up shop here.