SYKY Close $9.5M Series A Funding

SYKY (pronounced “psy-che”), a next generation luxury fashion platform, today announced the close of a $9.5 million Series A funding round. The investment is led by Alexis Ohanian’s firm Seven Seven Six. The round is also funded by Brevan Howard Digital, Leadout Capital, First Light Capital Group, and Polygon Ventures.

SYKY, led by Alice Delahunt, the former Chief Digital & Content Officer at Ralph Lauren and Digital & Social Marketing Director at Burberry, is building the future of fashion with a blockchain-enabled luxury platform that will serve as an incubator, marketplace and social community for the next generation of designers and consumers. This round of funding will fuel Delahunt’s vision and her mission to enable this digital-first generation to create, curate, share and trade their fashion collections.

“There is limitless potential with Web3 and fashion’s place in this future is no exception,” said Alexis Ohanian. “The ideals of fashion can bring to bear the best virtues of an open internet and creative expression. With culture so greatly influenced by the runway, digital fashion will expand opportunities for creatives and consumers. We invested in Alice and SYKY because we believe in Alice’s vision to build the leading fashion platform and community for the next generation of designers and consumers.”

A recent report from Roblox and Parsons School of Design examining digital fashion and self-expression trends found that 70% of Gen Z’s physical style is influenced by their digital style and that nearly half of Gen Z look at digital fashion to experiment with new styles in digital and real life. Additionally, the trends report noted that nearly 75% of Gen Z said they would spend money on digital fashion.

“Fashion is on the verge of a renaissance, powered by technology and the next generation of creators,” said Delahunt. “With SYKY, we aim to build a platform that equalizes creative opportunity for aspiring designers, showcases the best of fashion from emerging and established brands, and cultivates a community passionate about the evolution of fashion.”

Alongside this milestone, SYKY is releasing its first NFT, The Keystone, on January 20, 2023.  As part of the wider release, and in the spirit of SYKY’s mission to open access to creative opportunity, 50 Keystones will be awarded to aspiring designers. The Keystone is a membership pass for fashion lovers, leaders and collectors who want to shape the future of fashion in digital, physical and augmented worlds. Keystone holders will have exclusive access to SYKY’s membership space, as well as special access to digital and physical fashion events. Additionally, Keystone holders will receive curated insights and in-depth reports in fashion and technology, as well as access to a network of like-minded creatives for collaboration and mentorship. Holders will also receive exclusive opportunities to designer collection drops, and advance notice of SYKY alpha & beta releases and partner projects. To learn more about The Keystone, please visit us at

SYKY is creating the future of fashion.

We believe technology has the potential to be a great equalizer and the next generation of designers will be digital-first, revolutionizing design in digital, physical, augmented worlds. SYKY is building at that intersection.

We are driven by an ethos of opportunity, providing a platform for designers, collectors, and those who love fashion. Our name is inspired by Psyche, the Goddess of the Soul in classical mythology, who has personified the quest for self-determination in poetry, art, psychology—and now, in fashion and technology.

SYKY was founded and is led by Alice Delahunt, the former Chief Digital & Content Officer at Ralph Lauren and Digital & Social Director at Burberry. She is joined by proven fashion and technology leaders including Roxanne Iyer, the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Roxanne is a recognized senior leader experienced in Web3 and driven digital performance for multi-million-dollar brands such as Estee Lauder’s Clinique, Ralph Lauren, L’Oréal and others. Jonathan Bennett is SYKY’s Chief Technology Officer and brings extensive experience in luxury retail, Web3 architecture and all components related to its services from NFTs to payment systems. Rachel Crowther joins SYKY as Creative Director. Rachel was previously Vice President of Creative at Burberry and brings creative expertise across experiential, brand and digital platforms.

For more information about SYKY, its leadership team, investors, advisors and partners, please visit us at