Nirvana Water Sciences Adds Key Nutrition Sales Executive

Nirvana Water Sciences Corp. is pleased to announce the addition of Candice St. Pierre, PhD as Vice-President of Nutrition Sales.

St. Pierre brings senior level sales experience from leadership roles at Twinlab Consolidated Holdings Inc., Skinnygirl™, Performix and Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., and will lead Nirvana’s expansion into nutrition and wellness retail outlets. The extension of Nirvana’s HMB (βeta-hydroxy βeta-methylbutyrate) infused functional recovery beverages and supplements into the nutrition aisle with traditional retailers will also fall under St. Pierre’s guidance.

Nirvana helps people transform their bodies, so they can lead active lives. “Bringing Nirvana’s infused beverages and new supplement products into the nutrition aisle will put Nirvana where people expect to find our highly functional and scientifically backed product line” advises David Vanderveen, Nirvana’s Chief Executive Officer.

“I’m excited to join the Nirvana team and work alongside like-minded individuals” shared St. Pierre. “I’m passionate about living a healthy, active lifestyle and helping others to do the same.  Nirvana marries science and products to achieve better results than diet and exercise alone.”

“Candice will be an immense asset and contribution to our leadership team, and I have no doubt her extensive experience and proven success will help drive Nirvana’s growth,” concluded Vanderveen.

About Nirvana Water Sciences Corp.

Nirvana is an innovative wellness company that helps people transform their bodies at a cellular level. Our core line of products consists of lightly-flavored pure mountain spring waters infused with a unique super ingredient, myHMB® Clear, a water-soluble form of HMB (βeta-hydroxy βeta-methylbutyrate).

The multi-patented myHMB® Clear formulation, developed by Naji Abumrad, MD, FACS, has been extensively studied by scientists, physicians and leaders in the medical field, and is clinically proven to maximize protein synthesis the body needs to reduce muscle soreness, boost muscle recovery time, regulate blood sugar and support lean muscle mass production. It is the go-to wellness beverage of elite athletes, weekend warriors, yoga enthusiasts and wellness advocates.

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