Marpai Health Acquires Continental Benefits

TAMPA, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Marpai Health, Inc., a global leader in deep learning, the most advanced form of artificial intelligence, announced today it has closed its previously announced acquisition of third-party administrator Continental Benefits, Inc. 

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Marpai brings deep learning to self-insured health plans, which will allow for the processing of comprehensive data to increase quality care, reduce costs, simplify the healthcare experience, and empower plan members to live healthier lives.

“We believe that our acquisition of Continental Benefits will launch the first AI self-insured health plan and will transform the way health plans are delivered and used,” stated Edmundo Gonzalez, CEO of Marpai Health. “We look forward to integrating Marpai’s SMART health plan system. This is a system grounded in deep learning which gives members the ability to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare – today and in the future.”

About Marpai Health

Marpai Health is a leader in deep learning and the inventor of the first SMART Health Plans Service System to improve health outcomes and radically reduce healthcare costs for self-insured companies and their employees. With a mission to save lives, improve lives and radically reduce healthcare spending, Marpai is a member-centric system that seeks to empower members, employers and providers to get ahead with deep learning and SMART automation. Marpai Labs analyzes the most comprehensive data to produce proprietary models and algorithms that drive the system which continually collects data to adapt and improve. For more information, please visit

About Continental Benefits

Continental Benefits, owned by Damien Lamendola, is a national healthcare payer and acts as a third-party administrator or “TPA” handling all administrative aspects of providing healthcare to self-insured employer groups. It provides best-in-class programs with a focus on improving health while emphasizing quality and transparency. Founded in 2013, Continental Benefits is licensed in 50 states with tens of thousands of members and provider network agreements with Cigna and Aetna. It is a privately owned organization headquartered in Tampa, FL.