Vaxess Raises $10M

Vaxess, a Cambridge, MA-based life sciences company developing a shelf-stable vaccine patch with potential for self-application, raised additional $10M in funding.

The round was led by RA Capital, The Engine, and Mission BioCapital.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate its development efforts.

Led by Michael Schrader, CEO, Vaxess Technologies is developing the MIMIX™ sustained release patch technology, a way to administer vaccines and therapeutics. For vaccines, the controlled release simulates the pace of a natural infection, helping the body produce a slow, strong, and enduring ramp-up of immune response, ultimately boosting a vaccine’s effectiveness. Engineered for stability, its patch does not require refrigeration and can be shipped to and applied in low resource settings.

In December, Vaxess published the initial results from its phase 1 trial of the MIMIX-Flu vaccine patch. The trial, conducted in 45 healthy patients, evaluated H1N1 influenza antigen from Vaxess’s partner, GC Biopharma Corp., delivered via the MIMIX Patch. The company enrolled healthy adult volunteers ages 18-39 to evaluate the safety, reactogenicity, tolerability, and immunogenicity profiles for two influenza vaccine dose levels, fractional H1 vaccine dose level 7.5 μg and standard H1 vaccine dose level 15 μg vs placebo.