United Safety Acquires Allsalt Maritime

United Safety, a global manufacturer of safety and survivability technology solutions, announced the acquisition of Allsalt Maritime closing on December 31st, 2022.

Allsalt Maritime, based in British Columbia, Canada, is best known for its Shoxs product line of impact-mitigation seating, protecting maritime military agencies and recreational boaters with configurable seating systems that absorb harmful shock and vibration resulting from wave impacts, since 2007. In 2019, the company introduced Kinetix, a shock-monitoring solution that captures wave impacts and delivers real-time data for maritime agencies to adopt a proactive strategy for crew safety and vessel health.  Utilized across a spectrum of marine applications including military, commercial and recreational marine, Allsalt’s seating can be found on vessels around the globe including the United States Navy, Royal Navy, Coast Guards and Special Forces.

“Becoming part of the United Safety family will pave the way for Allsalt products to be fitted to a wider range of boat styles and console configurations in response to the explosive adoption of suspension seating technology in the recreational channel” says Ray Cao, Allsalt CEO. “Safety as a core pillar, along with extensive experience in government and first responder customer bases, really made United Safety feel like the right partner to be able to bring our brand and our team to the next level of success.”

United Safety has made several strategic acquisitions over the last few years to continue the exponential growth of its portfolio of product offerings that include the most innovative and reliable safety and survivability solutions its customers can trust to protect life and property.  Joseph Mirabile, CEO & President of United Safety states, “the acquisition of Allsalt Maritime is one that has been in consideration for the better part of a decade, and I’m thrilled to welcome them to the United Safety family.  As an organization that has been committed to protecting our armed forces on land, we are now proud to be able to protect soldiers at sea.”  Mirabile continues, “the alignment of Allsalt’s technology, particularly the Kinetix technology, with our own commitment to occupational drivers and measuring and protecting against the harm that comes from full body vibration is truly unique and will result in some of the most sophisticated seating technology that exists in the world today. We are excited to be able to provide this extremely advanced and unique technology to a broader audience.”

Allsalt Maritime will join Fireboy® – Xintex® as United Safety continues to grow its product offerings in the marine space.

About United Safety & Survivability Corporation

United Safety and Survivability Corporation is committed to delivering the most innovative and reliable safety and survivability solutions that our customers can trust to protect life and property. As a global leader in the design and engineering of world-class safety, survivability, and technology solutions across a variety of industries and categories, our portfolio of products includes seating, airbag and restraint systems for commercial buses, fire trucks, ambulances, military vehicles, motor coaches, rail cars and locomotives. We design and build specialty soldier survivability systems for military vehicles and our revolutionary fire suppression systems are used in school buses, public transit, heavy machinery, forestry, mining, waste, marine and more. Active Air Purification and AEGIS® Microbial Surface Treatment help to protect the public and operators by eliminating bacteria and viruses from air and surfaces. Further information about United Safety can be found at go.unitedsafetycorporation.com/allsalt2023.

About Allsalt Maritime

Allsalt Maritime is a design, manufacturing and R&D firm specializing in marine shock-mitigation technology. Allsalt Maritime leads the industry in human impact science is the home of the Shoxs and Kinetix product lines where each product is intended to support a smoother, safer ride in rough seas. Shoxs seats feature a patented and revolutionary impact mitigation design using marinized air shock technology to reduce physical impact on the passenger when traveling through rough waters. Kinetix is an advanced shock monitoring system that records impact exposure data on vessels, seats, and crew. Further information about Allsalt can be found at www.allsalt.com.