5WPR Announces Expansion of Cannabis & CBD PR Team

5WPR, one of the largest independently-owned PR firms in the U.S., announces today the expansion of their cannabis and CBD PR team, hiring new employees within this area of expertise who hold certifications and understand the nuances of legislation surrounding the industry, especially following the midterm elections which were a big win for cannabis.

This niche sub-practice leverages the industry-leading capabilities of 5WPR’s senior leadership experts in the space to focus on campaigns that dispel any misunderstandings and misconceptions around CBD and THC product use. Likewise, highlighting the immense benefits CBD and Cannabis provide as the industry continues to explode, with Maryland and Missouri voting to legalize recreational marijuana and multiple cities in Texas and Ohio voting to decriminalize marijuana possession during the 2022 Midterm Elections.

“PR is a necessary tool in changing the public perception surrounding the use of CBD and cannabis. Our teams have mastered the development of strategy and we’re looking to recruit like-minded professionals who possess copious knowledge and a passion for the industry and can support its growth as more states are expected to follow suit with positive legislation within the next two years,” said 5WPR CEO, Dara A. Busch. “Our continuously growing teams of experts bring with them years of experience and ability to secure coverage and develop relationships within mainstream consumer media, ensuring we cut through the noise and confusion often associated with the cannabis and CBD industry.”

PR services offered to CBD and cannabis clients include messaging and positioning, media relations, influencer relations, product launches, new market expansion campaigns, executive visibility programs, fundraising announcements, content creation, sponsorships/partnerships, digital media campaigns, thought leadership and speaking opportunities.