John Ace Underwood Named Executive Director of LearnMH

Chris Nicely, president of and, is announcing the appointment of John Ace Underwood as Executive Director of LearnMH. LearnMH was founded with the goal of forging a powerful industry brand identity through training, education, awareness, marketing, and overall process improvement.

Underwood brings over 35 years of experience in the manufactured housing industry as a trainer, consultant, speaker, and author in marketing, sales, sales management, and leadership development. “The factory-built housing industry doesn’t have a product problem; we have a communication problem,” said Underwood. “We have never built a better quality and more diverse product, and we literally own the words ‘affordable housing.'”

Despite the industry’s efforts, factory-built housing remains one of the best-kept secrets in housing. The opportunity at LearnMH is to speak to a wider audience, influence perception and understanding, and drive wider acceptance of factory-built housing. By taking this message to a much greater audience, paired with the delivery of a better customer experience, we ensure that from the prospective buyer’s first touch point, they are secure, happy, and satisfied in their new home.

“Our industry has taken a back seat to conventional site-built housing for too long and that’s why we’re going to push for change,” said Underwood.

John Ace Underwood will begin this position on December 1, 2022.

About LearnMH

LearnMH is funded by and its subscribers who provide a collaborative effort where the main goal is to improve the image of the manufactured housing industry. This is accomplished through strategic partnerships, higher education, sales training, and ongoing strategy development.

About, a digital marketing enterprise and its brands ( leverage the best talent available to maximize positive market exposure for factory-built housing and ancillary supporting operations. By developing tools for professionals within the factory-built housing industry, ManufacturedHomes.come is able to provide the highest value and an unmatched level of customer service and satisfaction.