A&W’s Board Certified ‘Curdiologist’ Has the Cure for What Ails You: Sriracha Cheese Curds

A first in both marketing and modern medicine, A&W Restaurants has enlisted the world’s only board certified Curdiologist in order to refute dubious assertions that deep fried cheese is a non-essential part of a robust human physiology.

Dr. Allen Wright, a frequent New England Journal of Medical Malpractice contributor with nearly 20 days of experience, appears in a series of highly informative TikToks and Instagram Reels to promote the many benefits of A&W’s Sriracha Cheese Curds.

Made with 100% Wisconsin White Cheddar and just the right amount of spicy sriracha kick, A&W’s Sriracha Cheese Curds are a fan favorite back for a limited time only (November 2022—January 2023). According to Dr. Wright, failing to maintain a diet high in A&W Sriracha Cheese Curds could result in an array of unpleasant side effects.

“These are serious afflictions,” said Dr. Wright. “I’ve seen curd-deficient patients develop everything from Hoof Hands to Super Long Chest Hair. It’s no laughing matter.”

The spots, produced by agency Cornett and their growing in-house content creation team, will be rolling out in the coming weeks on official A&W social media accounts.

“We’ve always said that A&W Sriracha Cheese Curds are good for the heart in their own special way,” said Liz Bazner, Senior Director of Marketing at A&W. “Getting a second opinion from a respected Curdiologist like Dr. Wright just seemed like the responsible thing to do.”