Monica Chopra Joins Auxa Health as Co-Founder & CEO

Auxa Health, a leading social care orchestration technology company, announced Monica Chopra, MBA, MPH as its Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. Ms. Chopra is a seasoned healthcare leader with over 22 years of industry experience across health systems, payers, digital health, and consulting. She joins Auxa from Oscar Health, where she served as Vice President, East Markets, leading their ACA and Medicare Advantage business lines across half of their operating states.

“Tens of billions of dollars of social care benefits go unused each year, while half of the adults in America report difficulty accessing housing, food, and social support. This needs to change and that’s why I’m thrilled to join a company transforming the future of social care access,” said Monica Chopra. “I look forward to partnering with healthcare organizations, across the country, to ensure individual social needs are addressed,” she continued.

Auxa Health focuses on closing the gap on missed opportunities to receive social care resources. Health plans, along with state and federal agencies, offer a wide range of resources to address social needs. However, individuals, caregivers, and providers either remain unaware or have difficulty accessing the benefits available to them and their patients.

Auxa’s technology ensures patients are connected to the resources they need. The company’s end-to-end model includes simplifying access to social care benefit information, matching individuals to the right resources, and removing barriers to access and enrollment into relevant benefits.

“Monica has a vision for social care that is grounded in deep industry expertise,” explained co-founder and Executive Chairman, Jeff De Flavio, MD, “She is the leader we need to operationalize social care in medicine today.”

“Monica joining Auxa comes at a consequential moment in time as healthcare organizations today recognize the value of addressing social care needs and seek solutions to enable timely interventions,” said Kevin Ryan, CEO and Founder of AlleyCorp. “I am delighted that she is willing to bring to bear her two decades of solution-oriented experience in healthcare to meet the moment for our aging generation.”

About Auxa Health

Auxa Health is a VC-backed healthcare technology firm focused on social care orchestration. Our vision is a healthier, more equitable society which meets whole-person health needs beyond the traditional limitations of medical care and benefits. Auxa’s tools, technology, and services proactively identify the right benefits for individuals and take on the work of enrollment. Our end-to-end support ensures that people are connected to the resources they need, while reducing the administrative burden for individuals, caregivers, and providers.

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