MCS Unveils National Expansion Plan To Establish Network Of Self-Performing Service Centers In Key U.S. Markets

MCS, the national property services company founded in 1986, celebrated establishinga network of regionalself-performing Service Centers – facilities with locally and robustly staffed project management and service tech teams – in seven markets in 2022, and announced plans to open 10 or more in 2023. As a first in the property services industry, MCS will open a network of self-performing service centers to support all facets of the default mortgage, property preservation, commercial, and residential rental segments, leveraging its own dedicatedproject management teams and service crews across major U.S. markets to better serve its growing client base.

“Best-in-class customer service has been our competitive advantage for more than 35 years, and the establishment of MCS Service Centers across the country furthers our edge in providing excellent service across a large and growing volume of residential and commercial properties,” said Craig Torrance, MCS’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our Service Centers, in combination with our long-established national networkof service providers, fortify our ability to deliver responsive and meticulous care to brighten and revitalize neighborhoods across the nation.”

In 2022, MCS opened Service Centers in Phoenix, Dallas, Las Vegas, Orlando and Columbus, OH, with additional Service Centers slated to open in Atlanta and Tucson before year’s end.Markets on the MCS Service Center expansion roadmap include Houston, Tampa, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Denver, Indianapolis, Memphis, Nashville, Charlotte, Detroit and other markets in Florida and Texas, while assessing opportunities in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Service Centersare staffed with a market director, project managers, estimators and highly trained service technicians to execute the field property services needs of the firm’s clients across the Mortgage,Residential Rental and Commercial Serviceslines of business. Additionally, MCS employs 12 of its own inspectors across Phoenix, Dallas, Columbus, Atlanta, Orlando, and Las Vegas with the ability to provide a variety of inspection services – including occupancy, property condition, disaster and loss draft inspections – across each respective state and nearby regions as needed.

MCS’shybrid service model combinesanexpansivenetwork of local service partnerswith the company’s own expertise and use of innovative technologies to ensure transparency, enhance quality control and code compliance, and maximize efficiencies, ultimately driving client satisfaction.

“Our network of Service Centers allows MCS to act as an extension of SFR owner/operators’ team by providing ‘boots-on-the-ground’ services that might otherwise be challenging for investors to handle on their own,” said Andrew Nolan, President, Commercial and Residential Rental Services, for MCS. “Our national platform gives us the advantage of scale with the important benefit of a local presence to perform or oversee work,while consolidated programs create efficiencies and enhance service delivery through aggregation and technology-driven processes.”

Staff-up at each service center is highly methodical using local networks to buildteams with regional know-how and connections to facilitate the most appropriateservicing solutions. From inspection services and occupied maintenance to turns and renovations, as well as preservingforeclosed and vacant properties, MCS and its Service Centers providetheir residential clientsthe bandwidth tohandle the many moving parts required to successfully manage their portfolios.

“For property preservation,companies have typically provided maintenance and inspection services primarilythrough a third-party network of vendors and contractors,” added Chad Mosely, President, Mortgage Services for MCS. “MCS is transforming the property preservation sector through our combined network of Service Centers and trusted local service partners to ensure vacant propertiesremain in good condition.”

Additionally, MCS’sService Centers and vendor networkprovides a robust suite of offeringsfor commercial properties – from office parksand car washes to big box retailers and national/regional brands that demand brand consistency across multiple locations.The established processes, existing technology platforms, and accessibility to local trade professionals give commercial owner/operators a one-stop-shop for an efficient,tech-forward program providing services such as landscaping and snow removal as well as interior services such as electrical, plumbing and routine repairs. MCS also offers its own software to manage vendor work orders which seamlessly interfaces with existing technology platforms.

“We have long managed high volumes of property services on behalf of financial institutions and owners in major markets across the nation, and we are confident that our innovative hybrid model for field service delivery and management fortifies MCS for the long-term,” Mr. Torrance noted.

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