Yida Gao’s Shima Capital Lands Big Names Investing in Web3

Yida Gao of Shima Capital recently announced several big names investing in Web3 startups to help grow the venture capital firm. One of the biggest names includes actress Gal Gadot.

Bringing in the actress known for Wonder Woman only increases the likelihood of people gravitating towards Shima Capital and making money investing in new types of startups.

Gadot is just one example of a new version of investors hoping to jump into the cryptocurrency world for the first time. Even if some investors don’t know much about this new type of investment, there are ways to learn on the fly and gather information with the help of the venture capital firm.

Yida Gao helps potential investors understand what they look for in a startup, what they need to prepare for an investment, and more.

Getting Gadot on board is a move that only solidifies Shima Capital as a venture capital firm capable of bringing in big names.

Bill Ackman, a hedge fund billionaire, was one of the first big names to show confidence in the new venture capital firm. Dragonfly, Animoca, OKX, Republic Capital, and Mirana Ventures have also backed the fund and believe in where they are going.

Early-stage investing is a huge focal point for Yida Gao and his venture capital firm. With an experienced team ready to help out startups and new ideas, Shima Capital makes a more significant overall impact.

It also helps put a long-term outlook into perspective with these startups instead of short-term gains. Too many investors look for fast returns, cutting out crucial parts of the development process.

Starting a venture capital firm focused on Web3 startups in 2021 provides challenges, but Yida Gao believes in the long-term effectiveness of the firm.

He hopes to turn any short-term negatives into long-term positives. Getting startups going in the right direction without cutting corners sets an excellent base to build.

Capital raised by the firm will provide initial financial assistance, help startups get through challenging stages, and help with a final push toward monetization. Removing the burden of having to come up with required funds while handling everything else can burn out even the most optimistic entrepreneurs.

With future big-name investors, Shima Capital wants to focus on the main verticals related to Web3 startups. DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse, and Gaming all fall under this category.

Searching for the top companies with great ideas is key to finding long-term, sustained success.

Half the team at the firm handles the post-investment operational support part of the firm. This is essential in the eyes of Yida Gao, as he wants his firm to be anything but a silent investor. With valuable tools, resources, and in-house advice, it makes the startup process much more manageable.

Future big-name and celebrity investors with Shima Capital will capture the attention of people already in the industry.

It will also get more people interested in investment opportunities who have never touched Web3, blockchain, and cryptocurrency-related companies.

About Yida Gao
Yida Gao is the managing general partner of Shima Capital. He put together the venture capital firm in 2021 after finding success with several companies in the finance and cryptocurrency world. An MIT graduate, he also teaches a course in crypto finance during his downtime and was featured on Fobes 30 under 30.

About Shima Capital
Shima Capital is a venture capital firm headlined by Yida Gao. The firm invests heavily in cryptocurrency and Web3 startup companies. More specifically, the goal is to invest early on and help creative ideas come to fruition with the proper backing.

Investors can put money towards ideas that could help shape the future. With hundreds of millions of dollars of funding already, the one-year-old venture capital firm’s growth has caught the attention of entrepreneurs and investors.