Bidscale is Launching a Social Network for Finding Government Contracts

When Arlington, Virginia-based Bidscale began its life as a consulting company in 2020, its founders didn’t quite intend to create a new social network for government contract bids.

But two years later, the startup is set to do exactly that. On Dec. 5, Bidscale is launching Bidscale Connect, a social media-style analytics tool for government contracting and procurement. The platform, according to leadership, is essentially a virtual meetup space for both buyers and sellers of government contracts. The platform is free to use and has seen 500 pre-sign-ups so far. It will also be assisting with a Department of Defense health contract.

Platform users can see recommendations for contracts generated through AI. Upon signing up, those users can specify their industry and tools, similar to how social media makes you pick topics of interest. They can also manage their RFPs, RFQs and RFIs; see market research; browse federal contracting options; communicate with contracting officials, and solicit feedback from leaders. Once they find contracts, users can choose to like, dislike or watch contracts (which saves them for users) — all of which helps the algorithm better understand their company’s needs and services. The platform was developed in AWS native and the AI is powered by Databricks.