Congrats: You’ve Landed a Tech Apprenticeship. Heed these 4 Tips on How to Thrive

Forget what you’ve heard: Tech is one of those industries where you don’t necessarily need a four-year degree to succeed.

These paid, hands-on training programs have helped people with nontraditional backgrounds find a field and job that works for them across industries. The US Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration counts a 64% growth in new apprentices since 2012, for a total of nearly 242,000 individuals as of Fiscal Year 2021. Companies are increasingly hosting tech apprenticeships as a way to educate future software developers and shape new recruits who understand their technology.

As part of mid-November’s National Apprenticeship Week, the Philadelphia Apprenticeship program, which launched in 2021, hosted a panel called “Women in Apprenticeships” moderated by Sylvia McKinney, executive director of Summer Search.