David Vanderveen Joins Nirvana Water Sciences as Chief Executive Officer

Nirvana Water Sciences Corp., an innovative science-based wellness company, welcomes David Vanderveen as its Chief Executive Officer.

Andrew Cervasio, Nirvana’s founder and Chairman of the Board, advised “David has a respected track record of innovation and disruption in consumer goods, beverages and sports nutrition, that spans over 20 years. We are thrilled that he has agreed to accept a leadership role at Nirvana.”

Under Vanderveen’s leadership as founder and CEO of XS World Wide, a company with a portfolio of energy drinks and sports nutrition products, the brand became Amway’s fastest growing business segment and category, reaching annual sales of almost a half a billion dollars and product distribution in more than 60 countries, and was sold to Amway in 2015. Vanderveen then served as the COO at NewAge Beverages Corporation, at the time, one of the fastest growing healthy beverage companies in the world, where he helped double shareholder value during his tenure.

Vanderveen will continue to offer his insight and leadership skills to It Works!, a global trend-setting, affiliate-driven nutrition company with a suite of products designed to empower people to transform their bodies and lives, and serves as an advisor to RX3 Growth Partners, a private equity firm that partners with consumer brands and other leading investment firms to maximize value by leveraging its unique influencer base of athletes, celebrities and thought leaders.

“David’s history of successfully driving transformative organic growth is unparalleled” continued Cervasio. “His expertise in the beverage industry, coupled with his exceptional leadership qualities, will help us accelerate our growth, hone our marketing and distribution strategy, and execute and scale our business on a global level.”

“Nirvana’s exclusive super-ingredient infused spring waters are unlike any products in the marketplace. In a crowded over-hyped category, our HMB-infused water stands out as a truly functional beverage that provides unique benefits of muscle integrity for better mobility and physical performance.” said Vanderveen.

Cervasio concluded “We look forward to leveraging David’s extraordinary vision and business acumen to deliver our exclusive health and wellness infused spring water product line to a larger audience, while simultaneously supporting our goals for exponential growth and quality return for our shareholders.”

About Nirvana Water Sciences Corp.

Nirvana is an innovative wellness company that helps people transform their bodies at a cellular level. Our core line of products consists of lightly-flavored pure mountain spring waters infused with a unique super ingredient, myHMB® Clear, a water-soluble form of HMB (βeta-hydroxy βeta-methylbutyrate).

The multi-patented myHMB® Clear formulation, developed by Naji Abumrad, MD, FACS, has been studied over the past two decades by scientists, physicians and leaders in the medical field, and is clinically proven to maximize protein synthesis the body needs to reduce muscle soreness, boost muscle recovery time, regulate blood sugar and support lean muscle mass production. It is the go-to wellness beverage of elite athletes, weekend warriors, yoga enthusiasts and wellness advocates.

Learn more about our science, sourcing, sustainability and success stories at nirvanawatersciences.com.