Global Learning Charter Public School Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Global Learning Charter Public School (GLCPS), a tuition-free public charter school that currently services 500 students in grades 5-12, is celebrating 20 years of education in the New Bedford Community.

GLCPS opened for the 2002-2003 school year for grades 6 to 8 as a Horace Mann charter school in the Paul Rodrigues Administration Building on Country Street with an enrollment of 248. In the 2003-2004 school year grade 5 was added. In 2004-2005 grade 9 was added growing enrollment to 279. In 2005-2006 grade 10 was added growing enrollment to 323. Grade 11 was added in the 2006-2007 school year. In 2007-2008 Grade 12 was added and GLCPS moved into the former St. Anthony of Padula School in the North End and broke ties with New Bedford Public Schools. The Board of Education approved an enrollment allotment of 500 students which it reached in 2013-2014. New Bedford charter school City on a Hill closed in 2019-2020 leaving  GLCPS and Alma del Mar as the only remaining charter public schools in the city.

This school year GLCS will open a second building on campus and has applied to increase the enrollment allotment by and additional 100 students. The new building is adjacent to the main building and is the former St. Anthony’s convent. While construction has been delayed they hope to open in 2023 with the additional three story 18,132 square foot building for GLCPS students, staff and community members. This project will allow GLCPS to reallocate classroom space and offer students an education experience that remains rich in technology and on the leading edge of education innovations. The expanded classroom space will feature science labs, dedicated art and music space, foreign language classrooms, multi-use classrooms and teacher and community collaboration space. The renovation will also include necessary upgrades to bring the building up to code.

“The GLCPS community has reached a significant milestone. This year marks 20 years of building life-long learners, building community and building a better world for students, families and community,” said Dr. Stephen Furtado, Executive Director of GLCPS. “In those 20 years, we have educated thousands of students and celebrated hundreds of graduates. Here’s to the next 20 years of building life-long learners!”

About Global Learning Public Charter School

Open to New Bedford residents, Global Learning Charter Public School (GLCPS) is a tuition-free public charter school that currently serves 500 students in grades 5-12. Launched in 2002 as a Horace Mann charter school, GLCPS became a Commonwealth charter school in 2006. In order to generate a culture of personalization, the school setting and class sizes are deliberately small. Students, faculty and administration know each other well and teachers are able to tailor the curriculum to the needs and level of each student. GLCPS offers an exciting and challenging interdisciplinary curriculum that follows and builds upon the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. Students learn to work collaboratively in teams, use technology meaningfully in their coursework, strengthen all elements of their communication skills, as well as develop the necessary skills to become engaged and ethical contributors to a global society.  GLCPS capitalizes on the exceptional resources of the region (for example, marine sciences), and ties these resources to their curriculum and instruction. For further information please contact Amey Bissonnette, Director of Development, at 508-991-4105 or visit