Hiatus Cheesecake Provides a Tasty Break from the Usual

Baltimore-based Hiatus Cheesecake  hand bakes desserts that according to some, are like a vacation for your mouth. With a variety of uncommon and delicious flavors such as Sweet Potato Fantasy, Corn and Berry, Caramel Carrot, Mojito, Bourbon Poached Peach, and more, it’s no wonder Hiatus Cheesecake and its vendors have trouble keeping them on the shelves.

What started as a home baking expedition has turned into a lucrative business that has spread up and down the East Coast, and the business is only growing. Owner Matthew Featherstone grew up baking at home with his mother, who would bake fresh treats every day and sparked Matthew’s interest in baking. It wasn’t before long Matthew developed a personal love of baking, and most importantly, cheesecake.