Why Would a 30-year-old Company Rebrand? Let Husk’s Tony Frick Explain

From the ’90s to now, “fitness” has changed. So have employer health benefits to include something called “wellness.”

GlobalFit started 30 years ago as a “discount gym network,” per current CEO Tony Frick. But over the years, as concepts like burnout became more mainstream, fitness has come to include paying attention to nutrition and mental health as well as working out. Accordingly, since joining in 2017, Frick has been helping the company expand in tele-nutrition, tele-mental health, wellness rewards and digital fitness as it also expanded its gym network.

This fall, Wayne-based GlobalFit officially rebranded to wellness technology company Husk. Its core offering is developing “sustainable wellness programs” for clients ranging from small companies to insurers Independence Blue Cross and Aetna. Husk work with these companies to connect their employees to preventative benefits like mental health therapists, nutritionists and fitness options.