New Law Firm Consultancy Turns Law Firms into Super Law Firms

U.S. Law Firms Have a New Professional Partner

We are pleased to announce the formation of MB Law Firm Consulting, LLC.  The company works on a project or long-term basis with U.S. small to mid-size law practices to manage operations, streamline processes, and identify growth opportunities. The objective is to improve lawyers’ lives by assisting with law office management tasks that take time away from billable hours.

MB Law has experienced first-hand the unique challenges and pressures Partners face, including strategic opportunities or challenges that demand undivided attention. The new consulting firm addresses those challenges, providing professional guidance and then assists with implementation. Services include short-term consulting for special projects or transitions, customized work-plans, operations management, and long-term management.

Margaret Burke, president of MB Law shared that she “couldn’t be more excited to launch MB Law Firm Consulting.  I take great pride in working with my clients and helping them achieve success in the areas that are important to them.  Managing a law firm and practicing law are not easy. I love helping lawyers enjoy a well-run firm. I value every relationship and am looking forward to supporting firms where they most need support.”

About Margaret Burke of MB Law Firm Consulting

Margaret Burke, President of MB Law Firm Consulting, has decades of experience working with law firms. She has advised and led law firm acquisitions, relocations, succession planning, restructuring and start-ups.  Prior to MB Law, she helped launch and build a startup providing consulting services to law firms.   She also served as CEO and member of the Executive Committee at a Boston based law firm.

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