mcacao Launches First-Ever Customizable Chocolate Video Box

Holiday Gift Giving Just Got a Lot Sweeter and Tech Savvy, Too 

m cacao chocolates is excited to announce the launch of expressioSM — the first-ever chocolate video box — offering the only way to gifta box of culinary-inspired chocolates with a personalizedvideo experience inside.

The new, state-of-the-artchocolate video box is the brainchild of m cacao’s founder Michael Nichols, a former robotics engineer-turned-chocolatier, and Chef Delphin Gomes, a master pastry chef and chocolatier.A cool and modern gift, expressioSMbrings together luscious, handcrafted chocolates in a beautiful box, complete with its own, embedded video player.

ExpressioSM is a luxury solution to giftgiving that makes it possible for any giver to express themselves with their gifts. For friends or family, expressioSM can be personalized with the giver’s choice of video, making it a unique gift for the holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations.

For corporate giving, a company can create its own brand or promotional video to showcase its products and services for prospects, or to thank its customers, employees, or board members in a memorable way.

The giver’s selected video is then uploaded into the box and sent with eithereight (8) or sixteen (16) handcrafted chocolates to each recipient.

“m cacao’sexpressioSMblends artistic creativity with the latest technology to create a sweet and customizable gift,” said m cacao founder, Michael Nichols. “At m cacao, we are culinary explorers, chocolate lovers and innovators. ExpressioSMtakes all of that to the next level, creating a personalized gift experience for consumers and companies alike.”

This sweet, high-tech gift can be customized in interesting ways,especially for corporate giving.

The video in the box comes equipped with an NFC (near field communication) tag, which contains a small microchip that can be read by most mobile devices.The NFC tag can be programmed toenable a recipient to launch a company’s website, buy a product or service and even purchase refills at a discounted pricewith a single tap.

ExpressioSMalso includestwo ways to personalize individual chocolates:

  • 3D chocolate medallions:These three-dimensional chocolate decorations can be used to feature a company’s logo.
  • Screen-printed cocoa butter art:Selected logos or graphics can be printed in edible, colored, cocoa butter and applied to individual chocolates.

This unique chocolate giftis now available to purchase online at just in time for National Chocolate Day on October 28th. For volumeorders of 10or more, please contact

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