Working on New Product Ideas? Draw it Out First, this Google Designer Says

Tech development and drawing might not seem like connected skills. But to designer Kent Eisenhuth, the two have always gone hand in hand.

A lifelong artist and now designer for Google, Wynnewood-based Eisenhuth is so passionate about these topics that he wrote a book about it: “Drawing Product Ideas: Fast and Easy UX Drawing for Anyone.” and UX group PhillyCHI hosted a Slack AMA with Eisenhuth on Nov. 3, two days after the book’s release, so he could share his expertise on all things UX design and drawing, a give us a sneak peak at the book.

As a kid, Eisenhuth wanted to be an architect but didn’t end up pursuing that field. When he eventually came across UX design, he realized that it involved a lot of the same thinking as architecture.