MFG Chemical Relocates Headquarters to Chattanooga, TN

DALTON, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MFG Chemical, a global leader in specialty and custom chemical manufacturing has moved its corporate headquarters from the original location in Dalton, Georgia to nearby Chattanooga, TN. Company growth created the need for more work space.

According to President & CEO Paul Turgeon, “MFG Chemical has outgrown its original headquarters in Dalton, Georgia. The Company began its operations in Dalton in 1980, with focus on specialty chemicals for the carpet/textile industry. MFG subsequently diversified into many other markets including agriculture, asphalt, fuel additives, graphic arts, hand sanitizer thickeners, lubricants, mining, oilfield, paints & coatings, personal care, pulp & paper and water treatment. This growth led to the eventual purchase of a 26.7 acre plant in Pasadena, Texas in 2017, additional employees, and now the need for more work space. Our Executive, Finance, Human Resources, and Sales staff will relocate to the new headquarters in nearby Chattanooga. Our three Georgia manufacturing plants, including R & D, Customer Service and EHS&S will continue their current operations in Dalton, which is only 25 miles from Chattanooga … so we are still close to operations.”

The new MFG Chemical headquarters is conveniently located in downtown Chattanooga’s Liberty Tower. This new headquarters will provide the needed work space, and closer proximity to the Chattanooga airport, making it more efficient for visitors and the MFG Chemical staff to travel and meet.

MFG Chemical’s three Dalton, GA plants were recently recertified ISO 9001: 2015, and are undergoing a multi-million dollar upgrade program that will vastly improve product quality, pollution control and plant capacity.

About MFG Chemical

MFG Chemical is a leading specialty and custom chemical manufacturer for a variety of global markets. The company operates four manufacturing facilities with world-class product development capabilities in Northwest Georgia and Pasadena, Texas. Major chemistries manufactured include amides, esters, imidazolines, water soluble polymers, rheology modifiers, specialty anhydrides, hand sanitizer thickeners, specialty surfactants and Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate (DOSS).

The Company has achieved the “Excellence Tier” from Chem Stewards, the SOCMA chemical industry trade association’s EHS&S program, and recently won a plant performance improvement Award from SOCMA, as well.

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