Trustfeed Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Wikisoft

Trustfeed Corp. (OTC:TRFE) a leading player in trusted information and the online review market today announced that it has entered into a non-binding letter of intent to acquire a majority stake in Wikisoft Inc. publisher of and

The proposed transaction would include full global access to Wikisoft’s business data, which now exceeds 175 million business profiles, and disruptive data verification technologies. Trustfeed is exploring avenues in which Wikisoft’s B2B market share compliments the current B2C model the company established. The parties intend to enter into an agreement. Trustfeed plan to fund the acquisition with equity, thus providing the company the optimum financial flexibility in the future. The Board of Directors has committed to approve the transaction.

About Trustfeed

Trustfeed was founded in 2021 to revolutionize the company data and product review world with a trusted platform of reviews and company profiles.

Trustfeed has reviewer integrity as its purpose-driven foundation stone. Its symbiotic approach uses machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to empower customers with a voice, putting trust back into purchasing. This symbiotic approach also gives companies the platform and product feedback cycle to uncover ways to improve next generation products and services. Trustfeed allows product teams to track star ratings and mine review text for next generation insights. Through Trustfeed’s validated data companies can determine or predict future innovative offerings that increase market-share and even unlock new product categories. In the best cases, better products might help companies leapfrog their competitors by driving much greater organic growth.

About Wikisoft Inc

In today’s fast-moving business world of increasing globalization, Wikisoft wants to leverages big data and associated insights from business datasets to improve performance.

In line with this new phase of globalization, Wikisoft believes that there is a growing demand for access to credible and reliable business data. Data is essential to creating the complete view of customers, prospects, investors, suppliers, and partners necessary to power the right decisions.

The company vision is to create opportunity globally by collecting precise data, curating it, verifying it and putting it in the hands of professionals and businesses as consumable business intelligence. We believe in the power of Wikisoft to collect massive amounts of data and deliver it to businesses curated, credible and reliable.