Matchpoint Therapeutics Raises $100M in Series A

Matchpoint Therapeutics, a Cambridge, MA-based biotechnology company, raised $100M in Series A and Seed funding.

The $70M Series A round was led by Sanofi Ventures with participation from Atlas Venture, Access Biotechnology, Vertex Ventures HC, Digitalis Ventures, and Alexandria Venture Investments.

The $30M Seed round was co-led by Atlas Venture and Access Biotechnology.

The company intends to use the funds for further advancement of its proprietary platform and its discovery pipeline of novel covalent molecules, initially focused on immunology.

Founded by Drs. Gray, Chouchani, Dr. Jianwei Che, Andre Turenne (CEO) and Dr. Tinghu Zhang, Matchpoint is a biotechnology company harnessing covalency to discover covalent medicines for the treatment of immune diseases and other serious illnesses. Its proprietary Advanced Covalent Exploration (ACE) platform integrates chemoproteomics, machine learning and covalent chemistry library evolution.

The platform brings together a suite of proprietary tools to revolutionize the discovery and development of covalent medicines:

  • chemoproteomics that identifies novel covalent binders to disease-causing proteins, including those with low abundance, in their native cellular environment and provides proteome-wide assessment of selectivity
  • Machine learning algorithms that reveal the rules of covalency to guide target prioritization and predict privileged scaffolds to support medicinal chemistry and library design
  • Proprietary libraries of covalent compounds that are continuously evolving and informed by predictive algorithms